Superior technology – with us only.

Our gas regulation products offer our customers superior functional reliability, zero maintenance, ease of servicing and optimum response accuracy.

Especially in the field of high-performance gas pressure regulators for large-scale systems, we offer superior technology at competitive prices.


All our products are subjected to strict testing, only products that pass the test also receive the verification seal.


Ready for use

Our gas regulation products are ready for immediate use for your application.

Fair prices

Our prices are calculated very reasonably for all end-users, there are no hidden costs! Please also feel free to ask us about discount models.

Pressure regulators

All pressure regulators of our production are DIN-DVGW and CE-approved. The regulators of the 110, 310, 810 and 815 series are also “E”-tested in accordance with the “Additional testing of pressure regulators for liquefied gas with regard to operational behaviour with moist liquefied gas”.

 Constant further developments guarantee practical solutions.

House connections

House connections for households, agriculture, trade and industry, which can be customised according to your needs.

Professional solutions also for collective supply systems to meet your requirements.


By cooperating with certified suppliers, we can guarantee quality at the highest level. We are able to react quickly to the constantly changing requirements of the market and can implement changes in the shortest possible time.