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Ventilation kit


For installation on underground LPG tanks for the following regulator types:
BRK-110/111, MDR-310/311, MDR-315/316, MDR-810/811, MDR-815

If the dome shaft of an underground LPG tank fills up due to an excessively high groundwater level or rainfall, the pressure regulator may be submerged.
The water can enter the regulator through the vent holes and cause malfunctions. Our ventilation set is optimised for our pressure regulators. This way, the ventilation openings are combined and extended vertically upwards into the water-free area. This prevents water from entering the regulator.


  • incl. vent pipe made of 8 x 1 mm CU pipe
  • incl. PU – hose 4 x 2 mm
  • incl. insect screen
  • incl. plug connector and Y-distributor
Accessories Order Number
Ventilation set for BRK-110 / 111, for installation with underground liquid gas tank 9 03 110 8 5 000 2
Ventilation set for medium pressure regulator for installation with underground LPG tank 9 03 310 8 5 000 1